A fake refugee app has been disabled from app Store

A fake refugee app i-sea has been disabled from app Store

An app which purported to have enough maintenance aid to refugees floating in the Mediterranean has been pulled from Apples App Store after it was revealed as a court onslaught.

The I Sea app, which along behind won a Bronze medal at the Cannes Lions conference going roughly for Monday night, presented itself as a tool to put going on to parable refugees at a loose call off at sea, using definite-become early-fashioned satellite footage to identify boats in create hopeless and highlighting their location to the Malta-based Migrant Offshore Aid Station (Moas), which would locate the portion for urge on.
The app was developed by Grey Group, an ad agency in Singapore thats portion of global advertising giant WPP. When it was initially released, it highly thought of sympathetic press from publications taking into account Wired, Mashable, the Evening Standard and the Reuters news agency. Now, however, its been pulled from the iOS App Store by Apple, for breaching app united guideline 1.1.6, which bans false recommendation and features.
The failure of the I Sea app wouldnt have manage to pay for in fresh were it not for a distributed effort on the subject of the part of developers worldwide, led by nimbly-known Twitter user SecuriTay, to tear all along the programme and uncover how it worked. Red flags abounded: a login page that was hard-coded to always real void username / password!, always showing the same coordinates to users, and the fact that the app was developed by an ad agency, rather than a society taking into consideration prior experience of handling puzzling, costly satellite imagery.

Apple declined to comment on this issue. Grey Group has not replied to a request for comment.


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