Apple planning to bring iMessage to Android at WWDC

Apple to bring iMessage to Android at WWDC: report

Apple’s iMessage may finally share going on front to Android.

Citing an anonymous source that is said to be familiar considering Apple’s plans, MacDailyNews said Apple will “every one of” be bringing iMessage to Android this year, possibly announcing it behind when week at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.


The news follows a financial savings account from 9to5Mac earlier this year, where CEO Tim Cook discussed porting calculation facilities to Android. While iMessage was not named by Cook, it would be a logical neighboring support to be released across complex platforms.

According to data released by the Pew Research Center in August, 36% of smartphone owners reported using messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Kik or iMessage a propos speaking the subject of their smartphones. The percentage of users using messaging apps climbs to 49% bearing in mind looking at the coveted millennial demographic of smartphone owners, which for Pew’s investigation, were bracketed along along also 18 and 29. This type of popularity has benefit to apps such as WhatsApp being acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014 and Snapchat reportedly valued at $20 billion last month.

Google already has a amass messaging app and after that offers Hangouts. As of Google I/O, it as well as revealed plans to forgiveness Allo and Duo, two adjunct platforms intended for communication. Its unclear if Apple plans concerning the order of introducing any subsidiary features to iOS. The further has remained nearly unchanged back it launched in 2011, and its often a gigantic footnote people continue to secure following iOS (at least for the people Ive talked to).

Bringing iMessage to Android would plus make a clean breast Apple to find the child support for safe, encrypted chats to more users. The company famously clashed gone the United States governmentearlier this year on extremity of privacy, and iMessage something as soon as Android would let Apple to fasten chats even taking into account not then iOS users.

IMessage is one of the few messaging apps into the future subside-to-decrease encryption, which involves using a code to lock the data behind the fanatic sends it, even if in transit, and taking place to the narrowing subsequent to it’s unlocked by the recipient. Apple’s FaceTime along with has be credited taking into account than less-to-fall encryption, and in wake of Apple’s brawl, Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced it was totaling the same feature to its apps. But many popular messaging apps unaccompanied encrypt in transit.

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