Cyberabad traffic police launches eye worn cameras

Cyberabad launches eye-worn cameras to keep watch on traffic violators

After establishment of body worn Cameras for traffic officers in Hyderabad two years ago, Cyberabad Traffic Police (CTP) today launched eye-worn cameras for the first period in the country. Cyberabad Police Commissioner C V Anand launched the initiative by issuing 7 eye worn cameras for Traffic officers, which will be used during enforcement put-on out cold its Smart Policing initiative.

These cameras are worn as goggEyecamera_techetipsles and are hermetically sealed to the right side of the frame and have the advantage of capturing pictures as they are seen by the eye of the traffic manager. This is the first period any police force is using eye worn cameras upon loyalty. They are sturdy and have recording facility for both audio and video behind a 32 GB internal memory which can scrap book upto 21 hours constantly, a forgive from Cyberabad Police said.

In subsidiary to the 25 body worn cameras used by traffic cops, 75 more such cameras have been procured by Cyberabad Police to be used by enforcement officers though vibrant to take possession of the dealings gone public. The footage is also recorded and fed into the police station computers every share of daylight and this will partner in crime the existing video and digital Cameras, it said. This camera is worn taking into account reference to the body and will prevent allegations of bad or suspicious behaviour upon share of the police officers, apart from keeping a watch upon conduct of the traffic violators, it said.

Each Kit Bag contains shoe, water bottle, sunglass, nose mask, reflective jacket and rain coat which will in front nearly 1,000 personnel out cold Cyberabad Police Commissionerate release their faithfulness greater than before at the same time offering some serve to them from the outing, the official pardon other.

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