Do you know Mark zuckerberg’s password?

Do you know Mark zuckerberg’s password?  What is world’s very famous password?

In recent weeks we have been seeing lot of hacking this <twitter><facebook><linkedin> right!!

And interestingly the accounts data is earning a pleasing child maintenance through selling.From enthusiast ids to extremity notch websites are highly keen approximately the Twitter data 13
million sale!!

Now the password info:

We dont even publish our passwords of mobile wallet, cash cards to anybody but coming to the social network, hundreds of millions of stolen accounts have appeared going when hint to for the dark web, ripped from major web firms and sold for as tiny as a few hundred dollars each worth of bitcoins. And taking into consideration each of those clearance sales has been one a.k.a.: Peace_of_mind. The most frequent passwords people will set?

Personal life related


Name with dob


Children name

Professional life related

Organization name

Place name


Technology that you work

Month and year

Interestingly, financial report passwords dont astonishment if you have the same for compound bank accounts which are each and every one frequent 😉

The most common password in the Twitter hack that hit co-founder Evan Williams and Mark Zuckerberg reveals 123456 is fan’s most skillfully-liked password.

And the hacked password of Zuckerbergs Twitter and Pinterest accounts using the password ‘dadada’

Here is a list of top hacked passwords

hack list_techetipsOfficially twitter is sending mails to its customer to change their passwords like this , read more in our previous posts

The majority of hacked Twitter users seemed to be based in Russia, considering 5,028,220 email addresses ending in ‘’, according to the blog.

Even those as soon as long passwords are not fasten, as 148,551 visible passwords were on zenith of 30 characters in length.Stay tuned to our blog for a exclusive interview gone a Twitter hacker.

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