Have you received a mail from twitter??

Here is the link of our previous post that 32m twitter accounts may have been hacked

Twitter Passwords May Have Been Hacked

You are going to receive a mail from twitter like thisUntitleddd

Passwords are no every second. If a hacker gets your password either by guessing or stealing it, he can entry your network as long as your password is real. If you have to update your password each and every one portion of quarter, that significantly limits the support of that password to the attacker.

Changing your password is more of a precautionary feature than actual security. Theoretically, around any password can be cracked; consequently, even though your password is ‘sfjgfj364@#$455’, it could be cracked. If someone has cracked it, they have access to what it’s protecting. Changing your password ends their right of entry: consequently by changing it regularly you limit the period attackers have to take organization blinking.

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