Facebook testing Snapchat feature inside Messenger

Facebook testing Snapchat feature inside Messenger In an other attepmt to be in agreement approaching photo sharing mobile further Snapchat, Facebook has rolled out a added feature called Messenger Day which lets users adding together photos and videos that disappear […]

SpaceX failed launch destroys Facebook satellite, rumors it would be UFO!!

Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Kenya on Thursday unfortunately coincided with SpaceX’s launch failure that destroyed Facebook’s satellite that was key to his plan to beam free Internet to remote parts of Kenya. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded at 6:00 […]

WhatsUp is Ready to Share your Data with FaceBook, This is how you can Stop to Share

The 2 Big Social networks are ready to share the customer database, if you don’t want to do this, here is what all you need to do. You have 30 days to stop this. WhatsApp is offering a partial opt-out […]

Facebook is stepping up by bringing 360-degree photos to the News Feed

Facebook is bringing the new feature that allows users to upload photos with 360-degree views.  Finally, Facebook is toting happening  the unorthodox facility for users to share 360 degree photos to News Feed. The social network is rolling out the […]

Do you know Mark zuckerberg’s password?

Do you know Mark zuckerberg’s password?  What is world’s very famous password? In recent weeks we have been seeing lot of hacking this <twitter><facebook><linkedin> right!! And interestingly the accounts data is earning a pleasing child maintenance through selling.From enthusiast ids […]

Delete or Modify Facebook messages sent to others

Delete or Modify Facebook messages? Interesting one right!!! longing to meet the expense of a set sights on? Here is the trick: According to the intellectual Roman Zaikin from cyber security unadulterated Check Point, a easy HTML change can be […]

Facebook vs Google+: Mark Zuckerberg on a mission to destroy Google’s social network

Facebook is the biggest and most copious social network today. But, facilitate occurring in 2011, for a relatively newer company subsequently Facebook, prepping to approach a competitor also Google could have been worrisome. Mark Zuckerberg knew what was ahead, and […]

Facebook introduced “Deep Text”

Facebook has all set to begin it’s accumulation BI platform called as Deep Text. Deep Text is creature tested when Facebook Messenger and to generate responses to flattering search queries. Text is a prevalent form of communication going just about […]