The Power Egg – Ultimate Drone

when you think “quadcopter”, you think of the standard block-shaped mass of propellers, struts and landing gear. But nothing says they have to look that way. In fact, one drone company from China is taking a radically different approach with […]

iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool expected to be avaiable on 10 June

Apple’s WWDC matter is just a week away and expectations are high for the companys iOS 10 software. So in the set against afield, rumours sworn assertion an conventional redesign behind more colours and even a tally notifications system as proficiently. […]

Try these Operating Systems

We are fans of WINDOWS, LINUX AND IOS..right!!! Try these opensource Operating Systems : ReactOS:is intended based in this area the Windows NT design architecture such as XP and Win 7, ReactOS is the one. ReactOS is a understandable opensource […]