9 year old AnvithaVijay – The Youngest Developer at WWDC 2016

9 year oldAnvithaVijay  – The Youngest Developer at WWDC 2016

Apple’s annual developer’s conference, WWDC 2016, has taken place on weekday, and it’s one amongst the most important events on the tech-calendar every year. Like several others, Anvitha Vijay is there with variety of iOS apps to her credit, whose dream is to travel to WWDC and meet Tim Cook. however there is one key distinction – she’s solely 9 years previous.


The Indian based mostly Australian girl(Vijay, a grade four student from Mount read grammar school in Melbourne) applied for a scholarship to travel WWDC and was one amongst the individuals Apple designated for this chance, reports Fortune.

Anvita1According to the report, out of 350 recipients of the scholarship, one hundred twenty square measure below the age of eighteen, and 22 % square measure ladies, as part of of} an endeavor on Apple’s part to feature diversity to its developer events

Vijay, who needed to create mobile apps, did not have any formal coaching, and learned to code looking at tutorials on YouTube. “Coding was thus difficult,” Vijay told Fortune. “But i am thus glad I cursed  it.”

Vijay’s Smartkins Animals app teaches kids animals’ names and sounds, and though it’s easy, describing the method of making the app, Vijay told Fortune: “Turning a plan for associate degree app involves lots of toil. There square measure such a big amount of parts to assembling associate degree app, as well as prototyping, design and wireframing, interface style and so writing and testing.”

Anvitha began teaching herself to code by watching YouTube videos. She prototyped her app in Photoshop before using the design app Sketch to nail the interface. Once she was happy with how the app looked, she began coding in Xcode, Apple’s iOS development environment.

The difficulty wasn’t the code itself, however pull off the execution of the app, Anvitha aforesaid. She wasn’t proud of the primary incarnation, that she represented as too “feature heavy”. It required to be simplified before her sister may extremely relish it.

“There were simply too several screens and menus, it absolutely was too confusing,” she said.

After some refinement, the app was straightforward enough for her sister to use severally and Anvitha launch it on the App Store. Since then it it’s been downloaded a couple of hundred times, she said.

Anvitha used Apple’s Swift writing language to develop the second app, and is trying forward to obtaining her hands on Swift Playground, Apple’s new app proclaimed this morning, that teaches kids to code.

“It appearance extremely fun and one thing I may use to show my friends at college to code,” she said.

“I’ve tried to show them Xcode, however they assume it’s too tough.”

Anvitha’s app helps young kids learn animal names. Photo: Apple

In a excellent world, she’d like Apple to bring Xcode to the iPad.

“Coding with slightly interface would be most easier,” she said.

While this author will fathom a seven-year-old teaching herself to code via YouTube, I had to raise Anvitha if she thought there was ANy hope on behalf of me – an ancient thirty eight year recent – to find out a way to code. She was gracious in her reply: “Yeah, if you’ve got the eagerness and drive, i am positive you’ll get it on. you only would like a decent plan.”

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