Apple WWDC 2016 Update – 8 Highlights that are irrestible!!

In our previous discussions we brought some light on the WWDC event, so here the much awaited moment has come for the latest updates:

Apple CEO TimCook is concentrating onwwdc artificial intelligence with the apple iphone and ipad as a main ingredient in his new forthcoming direction. the foremost expected new options in WWDC(World Wide Developer Conference), Golden State meeting has already gained a awfully massive fans regarding the happenings across the globe.

8 things that changed in Apple:

  • OS X renamed as macOS
  • Access to Third Party Developers
  • Siri Takes Over
  • iMessages gets more fancier
  • Faster WatchOS
  • Voicemail Transcript on iOS 10
  • Photos Takes On Google Photos
  • Apple TV 2.0


Deep Learning Pics – which can works on imaging ideas, extracts the objects of our pics and build a typical profile for straightforward filing.approximately 11billion computations can occur per a pic by running this regionally.

Also expected a face detection program in Apple iOS X.

iOS Keyboard aspect that once a user varieties a few edifice the operating system can show details regarding the place. The keyboard can currently be ready to check out contact info, browse messages and pre-fill calendar events. like the update to Photos, deep learning for the iOS keyboard’s new options are going to be run regionally.

Siri is going to be offered to developers that create the developers to manipulate it by linking and embedding with their existing applications.Giving AN example Apple aforesaid users can presently be ready to say: “Send a WeChat to Nancy”.

iMessageiPhone users are going to be ready to send hand written messages, totally different sized text, and even utilize a feature to mechanically modification words into emoji.

iOSlock screen with a 3D-Touchwhich are going to be offered to reply to your notifications while not un-locking.Apple incontestable acceptive a calendar invite – while not unlocking the phone.

Maps and HomeKit also will be updated

Nothing to say concerning the Apple Music – that currently has over fifteen million paid subscribers, has been “redesigned from the ground-up”, Apple said.

Apple news is returning with larger pictures with larger banners

.wwdc1 will be available to its developers, and a public beta program will be easy to realise to to iOS users in July.

iOS ten are going to be out there within the fall as a free software system update for iPhone five and later, all iPad Air and iPad professional models, iPad fourth generation, iPad mini a pair of and later, iPod touch sixth generation.

watchOS and tvOS are redesigned too, with the Apple Watch turning into quicker and additional health-focused, and television gaining increased search

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