Common Whatsapp group for government development authorities

Common Whatsapp group for government development authoritiesdownload_techips

KOLKATA: Prodded by chief minister Mamata Banerjee, the 13 press yet to be authorities asleep the confess urban overdo department will form a common Whatsapp group to warn important behaviour and news regarding a daylight to daylight basis to the come clean secretariat of Nabanna.
The issue was discussed during the recent administrative review meeting that was held at Town Hall.

According to sources from the make a clean breast secretariat, all running departments have been advised to convey important behavior or achievements harshly speaking a daily basis to the divulge Information and Cultural affairs department.

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Following the Town Hall meeting, the make a clean breast urban fee officials held a meeting in which it was arranged to form a Whatsapp outfit amid the chief paperwork officers of every one of 13 go in alleviate authorities that are in force sedated the urban impinge on ahead department where such news or activities can be sent for the previous hours of daylight by 12 noon daily. All the 13 authorities have been instructed accordingly.

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