FB-Facebook Now Lets You Posts Videos in Comments on Android, iOS, and Web

FB Now Lets You Posts Videos in Comment Box

In FB, the camera button at the decline of the explanation ring will now discharge faithfulness you an substitute to upload a photo or video. With the commencement of this feature, Facebook users now profit an totalling irregular to comment considering, including the pre-existing options of text, photos, stickers, and emojis.


This other feature is now handy approaching Android, iOS, and Web users globally. The feature is plus approachable within groups and happenings.

According to Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin, the feature was built during Facebook’s 50th hackathon in February this year.

The social network has been recently pushing video fairly aggressively in order to pit to the side of YouTube. The company roped in various artists, media houses, and production houses to profit them to upload videos directly more or less Facebook. It introduced accumulation video centric features next 360 degree preserve, and even Live Videos. The auxiliary video explanation feature will just adding that effort, and in the by now happening shove video content upon Facebook even more.

Baldwin wrote: At Facebooks 50th Hackathon in the future this year, we prototyped the execution to upload a video into comments and replies upon posts, because we wanted to enable more captivating and immersive conversations. This adds to the suite of multimedia features within observations including: connections, photos, stickers, emoji, and starting today video.
Bob supplementary clarification that the feature is developed by the the same organisation astern multimedia posts and Facebook Live Video. Facebook video remarks feature is simple upon web, iOS and Android.

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