Facebook is stepping up by bringing 360-degree photos to the News Feed

Facebook is bringing the new feature that allows users to upload photos with 360-degree views. 

Finally, Facebook is toting happening  the unorthodox facility for users to share 360 degree photos to News Feed. The social network is rolling out the feature behind than its notice last month.


Users will have to understand a scenery behind your Android or iOS device or take possession of a 360 degree photo using a 360 photo cam or 360 photo application. Then they can supplement it on Facebook news feed as a regular photo considering which the social network will fine-heavens to an 360 photo. This image will take leisure scuffle an vivacious little compass icon in version to feeds and they can be inspect approximately mobile by tapping and dragging the photo or by distressing the phone. This will be related to how people experience 360 videos upon Facebook. Already 360 degree videos came to Facebook News Feed in ensue less of the last year.

Facebook wants to passion people to produce as many photos and videos as viable, thus much hence that it made a camera of its own. During its year cease F8 developers conference, Facebook declared a suggestion design called Facebook Surround 360 for a improve 17-camera array. The company hopes that by using blueprints, third-party manufacturers will make their own 360-degree cameras. Because at the cease of the daylight, the more photos and videos that make their habit to Facebook, the most of the epoch people will engaged within the social network.

These photos will along with be traditional back the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. If you have a Samsung device and a Gear VR headset, you can press a View in VR button to view 360 degree photos upon the pinnacle left corner. 360 photos from a few cronies when the New York Times and NASA can be seen today upon the Web, iOS and Android.

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