Russia is planing to develop its own Operating System?

Is Russia really planning to develop its own Operating System?? What is the reality ?

According to Nikiforov, the added mobile OS will be developed in collaboration gone Jolla, the company astern the Linux-based Sailfish OS. Jolla was created by former Nokia employees and is based in Finland, but its ownership structure also includes both Russian and Chinese shareholders.

While it might make suitability that Russia wants its own mobile OS, that’s not the country’s want, according to Antti Saarnio, the chairman of Jolla, the Finnish company supposedly brought in to abet produce the software.

It was reported that the Russian Ministry had enlisted Jolla, the company founded by former Nokia staffers and which makes the Linux-based Sailfish OS, to dispel uphill to produce a Kremlin-credited fork of the full of zip system.

“I think it’s a misunderstanding that there would be a Russian version of the in movement system. There’s no dependence for that,” said Saarnio.

“Our entire is to have one code base but subsequently to join together local internet facilities and eCommerce services upon the user interface. That’s sufficient, there’s no dependence build their own,” he said.


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