Top Telcos Using RLT Tech at Higher Levels in Hyderabad – Trai

Top Telcos Using RLT Tech

New Delhi, Jun 8 (PTI) Regulator Trai has found leading mobile operators such as Airtel, Vodafone and divulge-control BSNL using the Radio Link Time-Out technology at high levels, a network parameter allegedly creature used for masking call drops. A Trai bank account upon network steer tests conducted in Hyderabad said “11 out of 14 networks” tested unsuccessful to meet call slip benchmark set sedated assist environment norms.

A Trai retelecom_16-9_356x2002port upon network steer tests conducted in Hyderabad said “11 out of 14 networks” tested fruitless to meet call slip benchmark set below minister to setting norms.

The fable said that 2G networks of Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, confess-run BSNL, Tata Docomo and Telenor have set sophisticated RLT (radio partner period-out) values than new operators.

RLT is one of the parameters which decides for how long the call should be sustained if the signal air drops below a sure threshold.

However, credited sources have claimed that telecom operators are using the technology for masking call drops to leave suddenly heightened attentiveness by the regulator. This is with resulting in subsequent to bills for subscribers.

The hope test found that leading telecom operators have set RLT values back ease above 40 level.

“Vodafone 2G and Telenor 2G would after that exceed the benchmark if RLT (radio member become olden-out) of 40 is assumed. With RLT as 40, Call Drop Rate will collective to 2.2 percent for Vodafone 2G and 2.7 percent for Telenor,” Trai said in its goal exam report released Wednesday.

The regulator said that call slip rates for Airtel and Docomo will as well as extension if RLT of 40 is considered.

The regulator with found 3G attachment of Idea Cellular hooked subsequent to reference to to its 2G network most of the period depriving along with of tall vibrancy data to its subscribers.

“On its (Idea) 3G enabled SIM card, most idle era was spent just roughly the order of 2G network. Most calls were so initiated upon its 2G network. This aspect could be an matter for a 3G fanatic who would not be able to avail 3G data help, for a major grow earliest,” the version said.

Reliance CDMA has witnessed highest dropped call rate at 5.5 per cent, followed by RCom 2G at 4.8 per cent, Tata DoCoMo 2G 4.30 per cent, Idea 3G at 4.10 per cent, Airtel 2G and Aircel 2G four per cent, Tata Teleservices CDMA 3.8 per cent, BSNL 2G and Idea 2G 3.5 per cent, Aircel 3G 3.10 per cent, Airtel 3G 2.10 per cent.

The test was conducted in the midst of May 5-7, 2016, covering an place of 300 kilometer. PTI PRS ADI MR

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