Twitter Passwords May Have Been Hacked

32m Twitter Passwords May Have Been Hacked

New Delhi: After Myspace and Tumblr, as many as 32 million Twitter accounts may have been compromised and their credentials sold concerning the dark web.

Leaked Source, a site for hacked manage to pay for an opinion, revealed that it usual the sponsorship not quite the breach from an alleged hacker who uses the alias ‘’. It is the same alias used by the person who had unadulterated the search engine hacked data from Russian social network VK.


The hack puts to risk account credentials of 32,888,300 Twitter accounts containing email addresses, usernames, and passwords.

The hacked data totalling reveals the most predictive passwords were still beast used by a large number of users including ‘123456’ which showed going on in the database 120,417 times and ‘password’ appeared 17,471 grow primordial.

According to TechCrunch, the data comes from a Twitter hack in which 32 million Twitter accounts may have been compromised. The incident and the news comes from a rather deviant source that lets you download such data and even lets you surgically remove yourself from the listing for pardon.

The website that seems to be making the most off it is LeakedSource. The site reported the same in a blog appendix stating that it confirmed a copy of the leaked data from a fanatic called,. is the joined hacker who was selling 1 million VK users ids and passwords a propose speaking dark web underground forums.

Leaked Source says that the Twitter ids and passwords are freely physical traded occurring the order of for dark web underground forums. The associated source claims that just about 32,888,300 records that contain email addresses, usernames and passwords have been leaked.

The site explained that the passwords were stored as plain text and several of them seemed to connect users in Russia. As such, its more likely that these credentials were obtained through malware attacks concerning users rather than a breach of Twitters systems.

Leaked Source auxiliary that the most commonly happening password in the database is 123456, followed by 123456789, qwerty and password. That risky because it means the accounts these are linked subsequent to could be hacked taking into account just a tiny guesswork and wouldn’t even require malware.

The valid danger is that many people use the same password upon several sites; if an invader gets a single devotees account for one online help, they could likely entry subsidiary accounts bearing in mind their email inboxes and cloud storage.

The news comes brusquely after it was reported that hundreds of millions of Myspace and Tumblr credentials were put going on for sale last week. In May, a Russian hacker claimed to have 117 million LinkedIn accounts attainable for just 5 bitcoins ($2,200).

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