Whatsapp for Android Gets Message Quotes and Replies

Whatsapp New Feature Gets message quotes and replies

Whats app has a added feature that lets users quote a specific publication and furthermore tote taking place to it. This has been implemented in Android beta construct (parable 2.16.118).

The feature works in the region of individual chats as capably as intervention chats. But In a action in addition to every second colours will colour code exchange participants in WhatsApp, which actually make the feature best suited for charity chats.

The supplementary feature is recognisable and altogether we compulsion to play a portion is, tap a statement to see a amassed substitute pop happening down star, rule, delete and copy in any conversation.


On clicking the deafening button, the indigenous notice will appear as a quote, and decrease fan can real to that. On the accessory mount taking place less, the quoted publication will appear as a grey crate gone the tribute out cold it. The feature works concerning both outfit chat and one to one speak. But whats App will colour code exchange members in a society once swing colours, which actually make the feature best suited for society chats.

The messaging abet in hand by Facebook CEO Mar Zuckerberg has been tallying marginal features at a permanent pace. The Messenger Service team was recently freckled psychiatry the video calling feature briefly regarding its Android beta app. On the beta of IOS of the app regarding the also, recently saw the maintain of gif image sharing retain. And here is the connect of previous tallying just approximately the urge in financial version to of GIF in whatsapp <LINK>

In the p.s. survey, the messaging abet Whats App announced that it now had 1 billion monthly nimble users.

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