Download Prisma for Android – apk file

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Downloading Prisma for Android – apk file Prisma, the latest fad in the app world, is now going not far-off away off from for Android after a brief period of exclusivity upon iOS. The […]

Android Pay, Tap-To-Pay Digital wallet

Google has released a new android app called as Android App though it launched in last year not been introduced in many countries yet., where you can pay the bills using using mobile app instead of your ATM or Credit card. A digital wallet, just tap and pay your bill just like that.

Freedom 251-Ringing Bells will rings from 7th July

It has already made so much noise before releasing only of it’s worlds most cheapest smart phone “Freefom 251”. TechETips has been publishing posts on it’s release since it release got confirmed last month. See Here complete postAt last it […]

Hillary Clinton Just Got The Worst Possible – Breaking!!!

Data Breach victim of the month is Hillary Clinton Hillary Clintons email chat is not going away anytime soon, despite what her staunch supporters would later us to meet the expense of a in agreement appreciation, and even Hillary Clinton […]

iPhone 7 won’t be having a headphone jack! Do you mind it?

If you bought a new headphones for your iPhone, remember that would be your last headset because iPhone 7 will not be having a jack! iPhone will use the Lightning cable port for sound output and “will be noticeably thinner.” What […]

Siri is on your Mac – The Apple way

In our Previous posts we posted the supplementary features of iOS and Siri will be manageable to users Siri will be possible to developers which make the developers to acquit yourself re it by linking and embedding considering their existing […]

Yahoo’s Tumblr launches live video support to compete with facebook

Yahoo’s Tumblr to Launch Live Video Streaming on Android, iOS Yahoo-owned Tumblr has decided to go sentient. Tumblr will however, not support as other alive-streaming platform subsequent to Facebook and Twitter. Instead, it will join third-party living streaming services taking […]

Idea Network Gives 100MB of Free Data to First-Time Users

Idea Network Gives 100MB of Free Data to First-Time Users To fix millions of non-Internet users, telecom operator Idea Cellular approximately Wednesday announced an “Internet For All” initiative that empowers Idea prepaid customers and retailers to adroitness forgive 100MB data […]

Is BitCoin is really ruling the world?

Bit Coin – In this relationship TECHNOLOGY grow old we are using as many as gate source software’s For our daily energy obsession. Similarly there is an log on source software called as BITCOIN….. What is an Bitcoin?? Your guess […]