F5: The Go To Command!!

F5: The Go To Command!!   One of my favourite keyboard shortcuts in Excel is F5 – The Go to Command. A very powerful command and a great time-saver especially when working with large datasets spread across multiple worksheets… Not […]

‘F4’ is the most used keyboard shortcut in Excel.

F4: This might be the most useful shortcut in MS Excel!!     F4 – Most Useful Excel Keyborad Shortcut Well, we all use many different keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys in MS Excel and we have our own favorites among […]

Clustered Stacked Column Chart in Excel

How to Create a Clustered Stacked Column Chart in Excel?? So we have seen in an earlier blogpost: Column Chart and its 7 sub-types!! that we have the Clustered Column, Stacked Column & 100% Stacked Column Chart Types in Excel… […]

Tips in MS Excel

Column Chart and its 7 sub-types!! Here, in this Lesson Blogpost, we take a look at the Column Chart and its 7 sub-types… Column Charts – the Default Chart Type in Excel is most frequently used to visually compare values […]

Delete or Modify Facebook messages sent to others

Delete or Modify Facebook messages? Interesting one right!!! longing to meet the expense of a set sights on? Here is the trick: According to the intellectual Roman Zaikin from cyber security unadulterated Check Point, a easy HTML change can be […]

How to give a shock to your friend using your smart phone?

Hi Did you ever tried this witty trick? Steps: Step1. Draw a black square as soon as mention to their arm behind a Sharpie. Step2. They relationships occurring the camera a propos their phone and perspective around the flash. Step3. […]

How to AutoSave and AutoRecover Excel Workbooks??

Imagine that you have been in movement for a few hours on the subject of a enormously important Excel document and subsequently immediately… Oops Excel crashed… or there was a gift graze or may be, you accidentally closed the file […]

Some Useful tips for MS-Excel Table

We every one occupy, descent & run data in Excel… but converting them into an Excel Table (Empowered Dataset) has its own set of advantages…. Here is a summary of the major differences along plus a Dataset & an Excel […]

5 ways to save your phone from dying – android and ios

1. Switch – Off and On  Many time our installed apps will declare you will more battery consumption. The greater than before mannerism is to make a buy of a Hard Reset.Doing a complex reset upon your phone is a […]