Mac -Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor a new malware has been discovered by BitDefender

Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor a new malware has been discovered by BitDefender, targeting on mac. It can easily hack your webcam, files and compromise your machine.

How this spreads on Mac?

It comes with application converter software called as EasyDoc Converter. Once this is installed on your mac, the software won’t work instead it will run some scripts and try to provide access to attackers remotely with a webservice. Who will control your machine and tries to manipulate your important files and sends them as attachments via emails.

WACAW is another tool, which access your images and videos from your machine. It also uses webcam.


Gatekeeper helps you to overcome this. It can be located easily.

Where can I find?  : Goto Security and Privacy >>system Preferences

By default, it stops unsigned applications from mysterious developers from official. If you download an nameless application from uncovered the Mac App Store and attempt to run it, you will be met once a prompt stating the application cannot be opened.

If you downloaded the application, assuming you don’t have Gatekeeper disabled, this prompt would have appeared taking into consideration you tried handing out the application. To relationships the app, you would have to carefully override the security settings to run the application the first times.

What to do if affected?

Download the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware application for Mac or Sophos Home and you need to scan as soon as possible.

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