How A Blind Engineer in Apple becoming an inspiring Role model

 Jordyn Castor  Now the name is enough to tell her and her caliber. She has been blind by birth never she thought it could be a hurdle to achieve her dreams. Throughout her childhood, her parents encouraged her to defy expectations of people as soon as disabilities, motivating her to be adventurous, hands-taking place the order of for the order of and insatiably eager.


It was that sparkle that led to her interact before technology, whether it was the desktop computer her relatives bought when she was in second grade, or the classroom computer teachers encouraged her to use in speculative.


Castor, whose current work focuses on enhancing features like VoiceOver for blind Apple users. “I came to realize that with my knowledge of computers and technology, I could help change the world for people with disabilities.

“I could help make technology more accessible for blind users.”

During the National Federation of the Blind -2016 she mentioned

“I had the honor and privilege to speak to the National Federation of the Blind 2016 Convention about my life and how the NFB has shown me that I can live the life I want. Blindness does not define me or my dreams and will never hold me back! Hope you enjoy. :)”

This is her personal webpage :

Looks like her personal website not been updated after entering into Apple 🙂 may be she is the best brand person with the world’s best branded phone.

There’s an often overlooked component of “diversity” in workplace initiatives  the compulsion to put in the perspectives of people taking into account disabilities.

Keeping tabs not in the set against and wide off from the subject of the needs of the blind and low-vision community is a key component of Apple’s restructure in accessibility. Castor is proof of how much that can enlarge a company.

A Moment changed her life :

She was a student at Michigan State University subsequent to she was first introduced to Apple at a Minneapolis job fair in 2015. Castor went to the amassing of employers, already knowing the tech giant would be there

“You aren’t going to know unless you try,” she thought. “You aren’t going to know unless you talk to them … so go.”

In that job fair, Castor’s passion for accessibility  made Apple so confident about her strengths.

They have awarded with a Apple iPad on her 17th birth day. That has changed her confidence to a achieve anything. She was soon hired as an intern focusing about VoiceOver accessibility.

As her internship came to a stuffy, Castor’s skills as an engineer and objector for tech accessibility were too commanding to consent to go. She was hired full-times as an engineer.

“I’m directly impacting the lives of the blind community,” she says of her work. “It’s incredible.”
Wishing her a very good luck and may god bless her mission to help the Blind people!!
Source article and Image sources from Twitter profile and Mashable
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