Bye Bye

After KickAss Torrent, it’s time for Torrentz sites to shut down due to data piracy.

Popular online piracy torrent metasearch engine Torrentz has been taken offline and is no longer allowing users to fighting searches for pirated content.

At 1am BST regarding Friday 5 August, users began posting on Reddit that together as well as they visited,,, and the https description, the website homepage yet ample but the pleasant enough okay text has been distorted to door: “Torrentz was a freeware, rapid and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines.”


All Torrentz domains feature the same page. This includes the main .EU domain and its backups .ME, .CH, and .IN. The site’s HTTPS versions also features the same messages.

Before its abrupt shutdown, had managed to agree a respectable #186 Alexa rank.

The site was launched in July 2003 by an individual named Flippy, and its hope was to index torrents from several large portals and aggregate all the interchange trackers. This allowed users to download torrent files amalgamated to quantity trackers in their source, speeding happening downloads and preventing dead connections in achievement servers went down.

We can say Bye Bye to Pirate Bay sites.

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