Whatsapp new features – Multi Sharing, VoiceMail and Message Forwarding

Another good news for whatsapp users, till date there was no multi sharing of messages, thought it has lot of other features!! From now on wards you can forward your messages to multiple persons and groups with a single touch.


It works by clicking on multiple contacts – as a tick appears – and then sending.

VoiceMail :

Whatsapp Call was a tremendous success and its becoming more easy and also coming with voicemail and forwarding mesages.



How it works

How it works If a contact doesn’t pick up the call or rejects it you can hold down on the voice message button.

When you’ve finished the message, let go and that sends the message.

The message then appears in the active WhatsApp conversation with a note saying there’s been a missed call.

If you slide left when recording you abandon the voice message – but you can’t listen back to your recording before deciding to send it.

WhatsApp has said it uses Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP, which means its cheaper than normal landline messages.

The new voicemail feature is available with WhatsApp for Android version 2.16.229 and WhatsApp for iOS version 2.16.8.


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