Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire in airplane

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire in Chennai-bound IndiGo flight; Samsung in major difficulty

A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 caught fire in an IndiGo flight that was inbound to Chennai mid-vibes. The cabin crew unexpected to understand the matter knocked out manage after maddening noticing smoke coming out from the overhead baggage box used to buildup suitcase. They followed procedure by using the flame extinguishers to douse the flame and transferred the Samsung Note 2 to a container filled behind water.

samsung-techetipsOfficials are not sure if the passenger had switched off the Note 2 during the flight but they have called Samsung officials for a meeting in defense to Monday to discuss the event. There was no broken to the zeppelin or passengers according to a DGCA spokesperson. IndiGo issues a avowal not far-off off from the business adding going on IndiGo confirms that a few passengers travelling in the region of 6E-054 flight from Singapore to Chennai noticed the smoke smell in the cabin this morning (September 23, 2016) and hurriedly alerted the cabin crew upon board. The crew brusquely identified youngster smoke coming from the hat-rack of seat 23 C and simultaneously informed the Pilot-in-Command who count alerted the ATC of the issue upon board, as reported by Hindustan Times.


According to the DGCA spokesperson, all airlines have been asked by the  authority to instruct their passengers to perspective off their Samsung Galaxy Note devices during flight. This has made things worse for the South Korean smartphone maker as the company is presently in the process of a global recalling and replacement of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The company has started shipping the replacement units for the affected Note 7 devices, but this incident is omnipotent as it puts the manufacturing process asleep testing. Samsung has not issued any confirmation approaching the issue at the era of writing.

In a statement, the airline said they are ‘thankful to its passengers for their vigilance and cooperation’ extended to the crew.


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