‘F4’ is the most used keyboard shortcut in Excel.

F4: This might be the most useful shortcut in MS Excel!!



ssssF4 – Most Useful Excel Keyborad Shortcut
Well, we all use many different keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys in MS Excel and we have our own favorites among them… but the one built-in keyboard shortcut that stands out because of its versatility and can be adapted to do a lot many actions is ‘F4‘. It is said that ‘F4‘ is the most used keyboard shortcut in Excel.

So what are the various ways in which we can use the ‘F4‘ keyboard shortcut in Excel.

Repeat Last Action: In the default state (‘Ready‘ Cell mode), it can be used to repeat the last action performed.
e.g. Insert / Delete Rows / Columns / Worksheets, Cell Formatting etc… and you can try and check many more…
Please note: F4 does not repeat every possible action and there are some known issues in Excel 2007, 2010 & 2013.

Toggle Cell Reference Type: In the ‘Edit‘ Cell mode, cycle / toggle through all 4 types of cell references (Absolute, Mixed – Row & Column Lock and Relative).

In short, it can be viewed as simplest of Macro commands for mundane repetitive tasks in Excel…
Wish, we had such a hotkey in Real Life as well…

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