Twitter Acquired Magic Pony for $150m

After google’s Deep Mind, its time to Twitter to invest on Artificial Intelligence based new startup Magic Pony.

MagicPony  uses robot learning to construct greater than before systems for visual supervision.


It can be used to gild the images along with greater than before clarity and videos considering augmented visual experiences.

Dorsey, the Twitter’s chief presidency said the team included 11 PhDs moreover than carrying out across computer vision, robot learning, high-go serve on computing and computational neuroscience
The app has restored the blurred images and enhanced functionality during the rouse during April


Bishop The Co-Founder of Magic Pony explains that Magic Ponys state comes from a meeting in which the early speculator described the technology as a magic pony because no one would have enough maintenance a complimentary response it without seeing it.
Bishop was the first engineering employee at Raspberry Pi. He and his co founder, Zehan Wang, met at London-based startup accelerator Entrepreneur First.
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