This smart Ring can save your life – NIMB

What keeps you safe?? your mobile or a simple gadget?

Here is a simple solution that is a Ring for your safety by Nimb.


You can consider your smartphone to dial to Police hands-clear, but what about in dangerous situations in the middle of you craving to reach it discretely? Grabbing your phone or smartwatch may be a tiny too obvious, but clicking your arena may realize the trick.

Nimb is a wearable that does just that its a sore sports ground that will lithe specific links and local authorities considering your GPS location in the business of an emergency. Just press and maintenance the button upon the underside of the sports ground for three seconds and an lighthearted will go out once your location. You can press it considering just one hand, but thankfully its hard to press the button accidentally, Nimb co-founder Kathy Roma tells Digital Trends. Its concealed in the fields design, and theres a 20-second window that lets you dissolve the vivacious just in suit.


The company is about to launch its Kickstarter campaign on June 21, and the arena will member up for as low as $75  its retail price will cost $150. Youll be alert to profit two Nimb rings for $150 as a special Kickstarter arrangement. Youll as well as be practiced to pick from a broad range of colors and U.S. field sizes.

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