Do you know your IMEI Number will helps you when you lost it

IMEI number will helps you to identify your mobile phone globally, a unique identifier to your device within the mobile network. If you drifting it somewhere you can offer your IMEI unique to track the location.

How to know your IMEI number:

1. Just habit in the phone dialer, call*#06#and the IMEI number will be displayed upon the phones screen.

2. You can admittance device Settings About Phone Status and long-press the IMEI number to copy it to the clipboard.

If you have however aimless your phone but did not lp the IMEI number ahead of time, you can yet access the number from your Google Account.


Just go to,sign-in following your Google account and extension the Android credit. Here you will see of all Android devices that are similar to your Google Account and it will list the IMEI number of your phone as skillfully.
Look at the facilitate of your iPhone 5 or native iPhone. The iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, and the indigenous iPhone have the IMEI number engraved going on for the order of the put uphill to of the phone, stuffy the bottom. If you need the MEID number, take in the works the connected number but ignore the last digit (IMEI is 15 digits, MEID is 14 digits).

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