Simple tip to copy a popup text

If you are doing some coding and an exception is coming in popup what you will do to note it down?

You are in between a very complicated installation and suddenly some error popup came how you will refer the resolution in google or bing? There could be typos, right!

Here my simple tip may help you.

Try this:

  1. Open a notepad from Ctrl+R or Windows>>All Programs >>Accessories >>Notepad1.jpg
  2. Copy this text

x=msgbox(“”, 0+64, “Subscribe for more tips.”)


  1. Save it as a.vbs and save as type “All Files” on you r desktop.
  2. 3.jpg
  3. Try to open the file
  4. Your output is a popup. Right!! Hurrey you learned how to create a simple popup.4.jpg
  5. Try to single click on empty space of your popup and press Ctrl+C (Copy)
  6. Paste in a new notepad here is your popup textFinal.jpg

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