How to AutoSave and AutoRecover Excel Workbooks??

Imagine that you have been in movement for a few hours on the subject of a enormously important Excel document and subsequently immediately… Oops Excel crashed… or there was a gift graze or may be, you accidentally closed the file without saving.
And trust me… it can happen once anybody….

I can every single one without complexity imagine the come clean of mind you would undertaking-attack… in such a scenario…
But don’t be muddled along along furthermore… you might be clever to recover your unsaved workbook (Both Titled & Untitled workbooks)… in battle you have set taking place the knocked out options:

► Click on File >>> Options. (as shown below…)


From Excel Options >>> Save Tab, enable the ‘AutoRecover‘ option and its frequency in minutes.
► Also, you could set the ‘
AutoRecover‘ File Location.
► And / Or Disable ‘
AutoRecover‘ option from any of the open workbooks…. as shown below…



And not just with Excel workbooks, you can also enable the ‘AutoSave‘ & ‘AutoRecover‘ options for all your MS Office documents similarly…

Hope that this blogpost has brought back some cheer & smile on your face…


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