Facebook Translator is coming soon – Translate upto 44 Languages

Thats true, after google translator, there is no other social media experimented on this.


Translator Brigades is a network of international activists and translators pursuing global change. Translator + Dictionary will prove to be a very reliable source of information not only for translation, but also for vocabulary improvement. Translator Brigades is an idea, the idea that as the different problems we face in every country are caused by a global crisis of this system, the solutions should come from the dialogue and union of citizens worldwide. Translators can earn badges for their published translations and for the votes those translations get.

Translators work best when there are no errors or typos.Also this translator can be used to translate from english to other languages. From the Translate Facebook app select Translate Facebook App Guide under Useful Translations Links. Here you can find everything there is to know about Translator Lite for Facebook – Translate articles and comments automatically and millions of other apps. The Red Mars Facebook Translator is a Google Chrome extension which adds a translate button to each news item in your news feed stream.

After a Facebook user clicks the translate button, a popout window appears and Bing Translator will translate the comment (machine translation). Bing Translator translate texts from different languages to english much easier. Google engineers are working on a translator for Google Android smartphones to convert one language into another quickly enough to allow speakers without a common language to communicate with one another in near real time.

Translations will also be featured on the translation community leaderboard, and they’ll be available to all people using Facebook in your language. At this time, the new translator only works on public Pages and Facebook has not indicated when the feature will be available on personal profiles. Universal Translator – With over 50 supported languages, this truly is a universal translator app.

Choose None” from the Translations From” option to turn off Facebook translator. TS Translator Lite is considered as the top app in the travel category on the Google Play Store. Users can either submit their own translations or use the Bing translation engine to translate the content of a post or comment to a language of their choice.

Also you may want to follow our publications in our group on the site on facebook Translator Brigades ( -Brigades/289854661025026 ) and twitter (@TranslatorBrigs) and help spread the idea and project of Translator Brigades with anyone you wish.B) Install the Bing Bar at It contains the Bing Translator app by default (but is not installed by default, you will need to go in its setting menu and add it to the bar. The service, which is powered by Microsoft’s Bing Translator , means Facebook users can read Page content regardless of the language it is written in.


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