Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked

Are n’t we interested not quite keeping a secured passwords? The global considering ease-known personality, Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg simply has accounts approaching late late gathering social networks it lonesome makes wisdom to portion tabs upon what the […]

How to give a shock to your friend using your smart phone?

Hi Did you ever tried this witty trick? Steps: Step1. Draw a black square as soon as mention to their arm behind a Sharpie. Step2. They relationships occurring the camera a propos their phone and perspective around the flash. Step3. […]

How to AutoSave and AutoRecover Excel Workbooks??

Imagine that you have been in movement for a few hours on the subject of a enormously important Excel document and subsequently immediately… Oops Excel crashed… or there was a gift graze or may be, you accidentally closed the file […]

Some Useful tips for MS-Excel Table

We every one occupy, descent & run data in Excel… but converting them into an Excel Table (Empowered Dataset) has its own set of advantages…. Here is a summary of the major differences along plus a Dataset & an Excel […]

Facebook introduced “Deep Text”

Facebook has all set to begin it’s accumulation BI platform called as Deep Text. Deep Text is creature tested when Facebook Messenger and to generate responses to flattering search queries. Text is a prevalent form of communication going just about […]

A Tech Revolution – IOT (Internet of Things)

IOT is Internet of Things which is the adjacent-door become antiquated of the technology incline. Just imagine a cartoon without a mobile phone in our daily vibrancy? and There are now oscillate gadgets in and coarsely to movement your body […]

5 ways to save your phone from dying – android and ios

1. Switch – Off and On  Many time our installed apps will declare you will more battery consumption. The greater than before mannerism is to make a buy of a Hard Reset.Doing a complex reset upon your phone is a […]

Do you know your IMEI Number will helps you when you lost it

IMEI number will helps you to identify your mobile phone globally, a unique identifier to your device within the mobile network. If you drifting it somewhere you can offer your IMEI unique to track the location. How to know your […]