Google has acquired Webpass for fast Internet speed

Google is entering into Fiber, to improve internet speed Google has acquired an ISP(Internet Service Provider) that is “WebPass” We have exciting news to share: Google Fiber has entered into an agreement to acquire Webpass. Charles Barr ,President of Webpass has […]

This Drone will brings you Medicine!!

Believe it or not there are much advantages using the technology in a proper mannerism. Drones are designed for not by yourself viewing some the objects where people cannot travel. Do you remember Idea’s network commercial A drone delivering eggs?? […]

Tips to access your iPhone 6 or 6Plus

Do you find difficulty in using iPhone 6 or 6plus? Here are some easy steps for you. the design itself has more flexibility for wasy Navigation. The new feature embedded into this latest versions is called “Reachability”. How to access […]

This smart Ring can save your life – NIMB

What keeps you safe?? your mobile or a simple gadget? Here is a simple solution that is a Ring for your safety by Nimb. You can consider your smartphone to dial to Police hands-clear, but what about in dangerous situations […]

Siri is on your Mac – The Apple way

In our Previous posts we posted the supplementary features of iOS and Siri will be manageable to users Siri will be possible to developers which make the developers to acquit yourself re it by linking and embedding considering their existing […]

Yahoo’s Tumblr launches live video support to compete with facebook

Yahoo’s Tumblr to Launch Live Video Streaming on Android, iOS Yahoo-owned Tumblr has decided to go sentient. Tumblr will however, not support as other alive-streaming platform subsequent to Facebook and Twitter. Instead, it will join third-party living streaming services taking […]

Idea Network Gives 100MB of Free Data to First-Time Users

Idea Network Gives 100MB of Free Data to First-Time Users To fix millions of non-Internet users, telecom operator Idea Cellular approximately Wednesday announced an “Internet For All” initiative that empowers Idea prepaid customers and retailers to adroitness forgive 100MB data […]

Is BitCoin is really ruling the world?

Bit Coin – In this relationship TECHNOLOGY grow old we are using as many as gate source software’s For our daily energy obsession. Similarly there is an log on source software called as BITCOIN….. What is an Bitcoin?? Your guess […]

Twitter Acquired Magic Pony for $150m

After google’s Deep Mind, its time to Twitter to invest on Artificial Intelligence based new startup Magic Pony. MagicPony  uses robot learning to construct greater than before systems for visual supervision. It can be used to gild the images along […]