Apple Iphone 8 Full Specifications and Review

Ten years when the launch of the initial iPhone, Apple’s latest refresh of the merchandise line skips the ‘iPhone 7s’ name in favor of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 and. not like the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 family […]

Reigns – adventure game with a Tinder Touch

Reigns is a new mobile game where you play as a king who has to make decisions that will determine the fate of your kingdom. It’s brilliantly suited to mobile gaming because the interface is like Tinder – you’re presented […]

How A Blind Engineer in Apple becoming an inspiring Role model

Jordyn Castor Now the name is enough to tell her and her caliber. She has been blind by birth never she thought it could be a hurdle to achieve her dreams

iPhone 7 won’t be having a headphone jack! Do you mind it?

If you bought a new headphones for your iPhone, remember that would be your last headset because iPhone 7 will not be having a jack! iPhone will use the Lightning cable port for sound output and “will be noticeably thinner.” What […]

Siri is on your Mac – The Apple way

In our Previous posts we posted the supplementary features of iOS and Siri will be manageable to users Siri will be possible to developers which make the developers to acquit yourself re it by linking and embedding considering their existing […]

Apple WWDC 2016 Update – 8 Highlights that are irrestible!!

In our previous discussions we brought some light on the WWDC event, so here the much awaited moment has come for the latest updates: Apple CEO TimCook is concentrating on artificial intelligence with the apple iphone and ipad as a […]

9 year old AnvithaVijay – The Youngest Developer at WWDC 2016

9 year oldAnvithaVijay  – The Youngest Developer at WWDC 2016 Apple’s annual developer’s conference, WWDC 2016, has taken place on weekday, and it’s one amongst the most important events on the tech-calendar every year. Like several others, Anvitha Vijay is […]

Apple planning to bring iMessage to Android at WWDC

Apple to bring iMessage to Android at WWDC: report Apple’s iMessage may finally share going on front to Android. Citing an anonymous source that is said to be familiar considering Apple’s plans, MacDailyNews said Apple will “every one of” be […]