Facebook testing Snapchat feature inside Messenger

Facebook testing Snapchat feature inside Messenger In an other attepmt to be in agreement approaching photo sharing mobile further Snapchat, Facebook has rolled out a added feature called Messenger Day which lets users adding together photos and videos that disappear […]

SpaceX failed launch destroys Facebook satellite, rumors it would be UFO!!

Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Kenya on Thursday unfortunately coincided with SpaceX’s launch failure that destroyed Facebook’s satellite that was key to his plan to beam free Internet to remote parts of Kenya. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded at 6:00 […]

WhatsUp is Ready to Share your Data with FaceBook, This is how you can Stop to Share

The 2 Big Social networks are ready to share the customer database, if you don’t want to do this, here is what all you need to do. You have 30 days to stop this. WhatsApp is offering a partial opt-out […]

Aquila – Facebook’s New Solar Drone completed it’s First Test

Aquila – Facebook has experimented its bid to pay for internet to even the most distant locations of the globe.

Its Connectivity Lab has completed the first full-scale test flight of the firm’s Aquila high-altitude zeppelin. Aquila is a solar-powered jet meant to ‘beam’ connectivity to places that can’t retain the typical infrastructure needed to have enough money web friends.

Facebook Translator is coming soon – Translate upto 44 Languages

Thats true, after google translator, there is no other social media experimented on this. Translator Brigades is a network of international activists and translators pursuing global change. Translator + Dictionary will prove to be a very reliable source of information […]

Social Networks are going to Block Extremist Contents!!

Viral Content in social networks will not be accepted! At last a big and excellent decision by social networks on Extremist contents. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram are building a new algorithms to block the viral content and videos. A wise decision […]

Twitter Acquired Magic Pony for $150m

After google’s Deep Mind, its time to Twitter to invest on Artificial Intelligence based new startup Magic Pony. MagicPony  uses robot learning to construct greater than before systems for visual supervision. It can be used to gild the images along […]

Satya Nadella email to employees on acquisition of LinkedIn

Stay tuned for more updates on the acquisition,see our previous post here is an exclusive mail from Satya Nadella to MS employees: Team, I’m excited to share that today Microsoft announced a deal to acquire LinkedIn. You can see how Jeff Weiner, […]

Microsoft To Buy LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion In Cash

Microsoft to deal LinkedIn for $26.2 billion Microsoft avowed that it is accessing LinkedIn for $196 per pension in an every portion of cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, without exception of LinkedIn’s net cash. Jeff Weiner will consent to CEO of […]

FB-Facebook Now Lets You Posts Videos in Comments on Android, iOS, and Web

FB Now Lets You Posts Videos in Comment Box In FB, the camera button at the decline of the explanation ring will now discharge faithfulness you an substitute to upload a photo or video. With the commencement of this feature, […]