Whatsapp new features – Multi Sharing, VoiceMail and Message Forwarding

Another good news for whatsapp users, till date there was no multi sharing of messages, thought it has lot of other features!! From now on wards you can forward your messages to multiple persons and groups with a single touch.

Whatsapp for Android Gets Message Quotes and Replies

Whatsapp New Feature Gets message quotes and replies Whats app has a added feature that lets users quote a specific publication and furthermore tote taking place to it. This has been implemented in Android beta construct (parable 2.16.118). The feature […]

WhatsApp GIF support is finally on its way

GIF Support Will Be Coming To WhatsApp GIFs are immediately becoming the best mannerism to have a conversation very more or less the internet. Emoji are inscrutable. Voice is for suckers. Plain text is just boring. But, GIFs convey anything. […]